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Guardian Grappling Rules

Official Rules


A take down happens when opponents are standing up and takes the fight to the ground, the

competitor that gains the controlling position will be awarded the appropriate points (non-dominant and dominant)

(Non-Dominant) 2PTS

Taking Opponent to the ground into a non-dominant position (guard, half-guard, behind the arms of the turtle position, putting opponent on buttocks and or back and not following to the ground)

(Dominant) 3PTS

Taking Opponent the ground into a dominant position (side controls, mounts) to earn the takedown, must stabilize control

Knee Mount 2PTS

When Opponent is in side control a position and establishes his knee (hip side) on opponent stomach or chest to the satisfaction of the referee, maintaining his other (head side) leg

extended (knee off the ground) with his head and shoulders facing towards Opponent’s head.

Sweep 2PTS

When Opponent is in a bottom guard or perimeter position (not mounted) and is able to get on top of opponent and stabilize control.

Guard Pass 3PTS

Move to a dominant position and stabilize (mount, Side control, north/south, knee in belly, rear mount,

or turtle) when starting from opponents guard.

Mount 4PTS

Achieve a controlled position on Opponent torso in which Opponent legs are on the

outside of Opponent’s legs and hips with 3 points of contact (knees and feet) are in contact with the floor and achieved stabilization.

Rear Mount 4PTS

Achieves a controlled position on Opponent torso in which legs are on the

outside of Opponent legs and hips and the achieving hooks or figure four of Opponent and stabilizing position.

Stalling 1PT

Using the clock for advantage, competitors must continue to actively improve their position and/or

attempt to submit their opponent. If a competitor is judged by the referee to be stalling, that

competitor will be warned two times; on the third notice the opponent will be awarded one point. No

further warnings will be given to the competitor. (Point notices to the competitor and the officials by the

referee using verbal and physical signaling,” Stalling, one point.”)

Disengaging 2PTS

Competitor disengages from the top position, and allows his opponent to regain his feet, the referee

awards two points to the opponent.


The Change of color at the Mat border is the line of boundary. At line of boundary point it is at the referee to assess the competitor’s safety. If 3 out of 4 limbs are past the line of boundary the referee duty is to reset the competitors in

the center in a known position. If the referee is unable to recreate the position, the competitors will

restart in the center standing.


Each bout will be three to six minutes.

Score: If no submission takes place during the match, the competitor with the most points wins. Points

are awarded to reward actions which would give a fighter an advantage in a real fight. Good fight habits

and through the display of positional dominance over your opponent.

Sudden death: If a match is scheduled to end at a point in which both competitors are equal with

regards to points, no stop will be given to the competitors or referee until the first competitor scores or

submits , and will be deemed the winner.


All referees will be neutral and impartial in their decision-making; a referee may not officiate one of their own students/teammates without notification to the opposing athlete and/or coach. The opposing coach/athlete may request a referee replacement if this occurs.

The referee shall be responsible for: starting and stopping all matches, awarding points, warning competitors of rule infractions, disqualification of competitors, communicating to the officials, signaling the match winner and over all mat safety for the competitors. Every situation that cannot be determined by this rules manual the referees will discuss the specific situation with the Head Referee or Tournament Director to determine the fair and proper action.Achieves a controlled position on Opponent torso in which legs are on the

outside of Opponent legs and hips and the achieving hooks or figure four of Opponent and stabilizing position.

Juvenile Beginner

No Submissions

3 Minute Round


Chokes, Elbow & Shoulder Locks

3 Minute Round

Teen & Adult Beginner

Chokes, Armlocks, Shoulder Locks, Straight Foot Lock & Knee Bars

5 Minute Round


Chokes, Armlocks, Shoulder locks, Straight Foot Locks, Kneebars, Wrist locks, Toe Holds, Bicep & Calf Slicers

5 Minute Round


Chokes, Armlocks, Shoulder Locks, Straight Foot Lock & Knee Bars

Heelhooks & Slams From The Guard

6 Minute Round

Prohibited Techniques

Bending Fingers, Neck Cranks, Spikes or Throws which compress the neck (slams)

Cash Prizes:

Guardian Grappling pays out cash prizes to our Absolute Champs (women and men) as well as the Top-Scoring Academy.

Takedown Derby

Takedown Veteran Suicide With Mission Zero

Takedown Derby will be a 3-minute round

1-point: Push Out can only be done from the feet- point is scored when opponents foot goes out of bounds

2-points: Takedown is achieved 2 ways- if opponent's bottom or back touches the mat or if the opponent is on their belly or knee,s you must be behind the arm

7 points ahead is technical fall victory

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Guardian Grappling is Proud To Support These Veterans' Charities

Objective Zero

The Objective Zero Foundation enhances social connectedness and access to wellness and mental health resources to combat suicide within the military and veteran community, which includes service members, veterans, their families, and caregivers. We use an upstream approach to suicide prevention, connecting our users to volunteer peer and civilian support Pathfinders and to a variety of resources from yoga and meditation to free or low cost mental health care.

Gis for G.I.s

Founded in 2015, Gis 4 GIs objective is to help active duty military members, veterans, and first responders (Oath Takers) cope with the stress of their respective jobs. Our organization sends Gis (traditional martial arts uniforms) to those that have taken the oath to protect us. These Gis allow servicemen and servicewomen to begin and/or continue their martial arts journey.

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Guardian Competitors Say...

Wow! What a nicely run tournament. Monte and his crew were super kind and efficient. Our team is really looking forward to getting back Guardian's mats and bringing home some Guardian Gold! So much fun...

Jim P

Port St Lucie, FL

Cigano Jiu JItsu Traveler

We had so much fun at this tournament. The event was smooth and the kids had a blast. We will definitely be back!

Lateef Williams

Control Jiu Jitsu

Father of Juvenile Champ Xion Williams

Thank you for hosting a great tournament. It was very well organized and ran properly. It was amazing experience for me and my students. Looking forward for the future ones.

Prof. Roger Santos

Gracie Barra Orlando

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