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GG's exclusive format is designed with the competitor, coach, and spectator in mind. Our rule set is not only deigned to encourage the action, but also to provide a place to compete without compromising street-readiness of your jiu jitsu, wrestling, or judo.

Our tournaments are great for testing your skills under pressure as well as having a blast meeting other people who share the passion of Submission Grappling, be it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, or wrestling..

Veteran owned and operated, GG is additionally committed to raising awareness & money for veterans' charity organizations while delivering fun, efficient, clean, and affordable tournament promotions.

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Fayetteville, NC

Refs, Time & Score Keepers, Operations, Awards & Photos

Columbus, GA

Refs, Time & Score Keepers, Operations, Awards & Photos

Mobile, AL

Refs, Time & Score Keepers, Operations, Awards & Photos

Orlando, FL

Refs, Time & Score Keepers, Operations, Awards & Photos

West Palm Beach, FL

Refs, Time & Score Keepers, Operations, Awards & Photos

Metro Atlanta, GA

Refs, Time & Score Keepers, Operations, Awards & Photos

Guardian Grappling is looking for folks who are passionate about Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling to assist with our events. Our team is rewarded with competitive pay, a fun environment, as well as hook-ups on GG Apparel and Tournament Fees. Just click the blue "Apply" button above to begin filling out an application.

Thanks for your interest in helping to make GG an enormous success. We hope you'll be a great fit to help make this tournament awesome for our grappling and veteran community.

Objective Zero

The Objective Zero Foundation enhances social connectedness and access to wellness and mental health resources to combat suicide within the military and veteran community, which includes service members, veterans, their families, and caregivers. We use an upstream approach to suicide prevention, connecting our users to volunteer peer and civilian support Pathfinders and to a variety of resources from yoga and meditation to free or low cost mental health care.

Gis for G.I.s

Founded in 2015, Gis 4 GIs objective is to help active duty military members, veterans, and first responders (Oath Takers) cope with the stress of their respective jobs. Our organization sends Gis (traditional martial arts uniforms) to those that have taken the oath to protect us. These Gis allow servicemen and servicewomen to begin and/or continue their martial arts journey.

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Guardian Competitors Say...

Wow! What a nicely run tournament. Monte and his crew were super kind and efficient. Our team is really looking forward to getting back Guardian's mats! So much fun...

Jim P

Port St Lucie, FL

Cigano Jiu Jitsu Traveler

We had so much fun at this tournament. The event was smooth and the kids had a blast. We will definitely be back!

Lateef Williams

Father of Juvenile Champ Xion Williams

Control Jiu Jitsu

Thank you for hosting a great tournament. It was very well organized and ran properly. It was amazing experience for me and my students. Looking forward for the future ones.

Prof. Roger Santos

Gracie Barra Orlando

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